Meet The Hoitings.

I’m so excited to share these photos. My friend Becky is gorgeous, and her family is as sweet as can be. I had such a great time playing around the park with them. These boys sure do love their baby sister. Can you believe these guys are all under five?! Becky and Zack are pros, they were both so patient, loving, and kind ❤️

Meet The James Family.

I’ve made some pretty incredible friendships over the last year through Timberlake Church Duvall. People who have supported and loved our family well. I think that’s one of the best things about being apart of a church, the community that serves and loves in tangible ways. This family has been that for us in so many ways, and for that I am thankful. Mike and Annika, from one family of six to another, thanks for letting me be apart of the wild and crazy fun!


Perry Turns One.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to sweet little Perry. It’s been so fun watching her grow over the last year. The best is yet to come, beautiful girl.




Meet The Mourys.

Moury family party of 4! These guys just welcomed baby #2 into the world and he just so happens to be my nephew too! We had so much fun playing together and taking pictures. These guys are pros, jumping right into life with two kids. Parenthood is such a wild ride! So glad our kids get to have lots of cousins to grow up with. Keegan will be running around and yelling with all his cousins in no time!


Meet The Tricketts.

You know when you meet people and you immediately like them?! This was my experience with the Tricketts. I first met Kristi and Geoff about 8 years ago and I remember immediately liking them. They were fun, easy to talk to, down-to-earth people. They are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and I was thrilled when they reached out for family photos. They currently live in Yakima, so sadly hanging out isn’t really an option, but I’ve loved watching their journey on social media. I felt so much joy when they shared the news of their adoptions. I’ve watched them grow as a family so getting to meet their boys was very special to me. We spent the evening laughing and playing and I’m so glad I got a chance to document it. Adoption is such a beautiful thing ❤️



Meet the Fullers.

I’m back! After taking a few months off to have and care for a baby, I’m back behind the lens. I’m so excited to share these photos of my sweet friend Josie and her husband-to-be Alston. Oh, and I can’t forget her pups, Gunner and Zoey. I always love being around people who are getting ready for marriage. The excitement that comes with getting married always reminds me of the love and hope I have in my own marriage. I’m certain Josie will make the most beautiful bride, I mean come on, how cute are these two?! So here’s to love, may these two choose love every day! Can’t wait for your big day ❤️





Meet The Stephens.

The older I get, the more I realize how much I’m designed for community. I’m apart of my churches moms group and over the last six months, I’ve made some great friendships. I’ve been able to foster great relationships with other moms who are just like me, in the sense that they are just trying to be the best moms and followers of Jesus that they can be. This is true of this sweet little family. Ashley and I have spent many Wednesday mornings together studying the Bible and sharing the good and bad that comes with motherhood. I’m so thankful for our time together, times when we’ve opened up and been vulnerable with one another. In these moments I know that Jesus makes connections and that’s what he did with her and I. And to sweeten the deal, we just so happen to both be expecting babies within a couple of months of each other. I’m so excited for the next phase for this family, Everley is going to make a great big sister! I can’t wait to celebrate with them.


Meet The Babbs.

Last weekend I spent some time with James, Lauren, and sweet little Waylon. It was crazy cold and it even started raining midway through the shoot, but this cute little family pushed through. Waylon was such a sweet boy, which was extra special to me because I am expecting a little boy next month! I love getting to know new families and these guys were such a treat to photograph. We laughed, we played, and we captured some beautiful memories that I hope they will treasure as Waylon continues to grow.



Baby Theodore.

He’s here! My friends, Bryan and Kristi, welcomed their first baby boy into the world on Sep. 13th, 2017. Theodore James Krumperman. He’s perfect, his parents are smitten, and so begins their journey into parenthood. Sweet Theo, you are so loved ❤️


Meet The Hamiltons.

Another week, another family! This past week I made my way to Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, where I meet my friend Christalle and her family. Christalle and I have developed a friendship over the last few years, a friendship I’m very thankful for. Rex and Christalle have a such a great family dynamic. What I love seeing most is how their family is committed to serving in their community. It’s very clear that they are a family on a mission to serve God and to serve people! As we continue to foster our friendship, I’m excited to see the impact they make as a family.


Meet the Herzogs.

I love big families! Probably because I have one and spending time with other big families makes me feel connected. Having three kids isn’t for the faint in heart, I know because I have 3 and a 4th on the way, Ekkkk! But big families are fun! I love photographing the genuine chaos that is everyday life.

I spent the evening with this sweet family playing around at the Duvall River Park. We played, we laughed, and we wrestled! These kids were wild but the kind of wild that makes for great photos. This is parenthood at its finest!



Theodore James Krumperman

Dear Sweet Teddy,

Your arrival is approaching and I am so excited! I spent some time with your parents today and I have to tell you, it’s so evident how in love they already are you with. We spent time talking about who you’ll look more like, what color your hair will be, what color eyes you’ll have….both their faces smiling, full of joy at the thought of their son to be. Kid, I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, you hit the parent lottery! Your mom and dad are two of the greatest people I know. I’m so thankful that our path crossed and we’ve developed a friendship over the last few years.

Your mom, she’s one of the most genuine, kind people I know. She always gives me good sound advice and she always speaks truth to me. Stuff that builds me up and helps me to see what sometimes I don’t see in myself. I know that I can turn to her and she’s always there to listen. She’s hardworking and smart. Like crazy smart! I’m certain she’s going to knock this being-a-mom thing out the park!

Your dad, one of the funniest most gentle men I’ve known. He treats your mom with such great care. Today, I saw him gently take her hand as we made our way through sand, making sure she was safe and comfortable! And boy can he make your mom laugh! Your dad’s happiness is contagious! His light, fun personality makes him easy to talk to. He’s a great husband and I know he’ll be father of the year, year after year!

I could go on and on telling you how great your parents are but you’ll see for yourself. Soon. And as you grow up, my hope is that you’ll realize how incredibly lucky you are to have them. The world we live in can be complicated and dark but your parents are lights in this world and I firmly that they will raise you to be the same!

With love

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