Meet The Jacobs.

If you only had one more session to leave your creative mark on this world, what would it be? What story would you want to tell?….
Part of my photography journey is continued education. In that, I’m learning who I am as an artist and what inspires me most. This assignment was a no-brainer for me, my last session would be my family. The whole reason I started taking pictures was to try and document my family. Motherhood has been one of the hardest, most complicated things I’ve ever done. The days can be so hard and long. It’s never been easy for me. I’ve often described it as feeling like I’m continually giving of myself until there is nothing left to give. But even though it’s exhausting, tiring, and probably the most thankless job on the planet, I’m sure it’s the most important job I’ll ever do! Photography has helped me find the joy in the mundane. It’s a reminder that it’s hard but worth it. We have bad days, but those come and go, and we need to keep going. So, the story I would hope to leave behind is that even when it was hard; we chose each other. Love never fails!


One Comment on “Meet The Jacobs.

  1. They really are beautiful! Your masterpiece for sure! I love to think back on you and Tim and both of your stories. I knew you when, I couldn’t be more proud of you both, if you were my own. God is Good! I love you both!❤️


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