A few days ago I was at Target in line checking out. The lady serving me kindly asked how my day was going and if I had found everything I needed. Just the typical checkout chit chat. As she was checking my last item we had this conversation:

Would you like to get a Target credit card?

No, not today thanks

Are you sure? It will save you 5% on your purchase?

5% off sounds great but I don’t think my husband would like it if I opened a new credit card account, so I’ll pass.

Well you could do what I do, open now and tell him later

Ha, well I could. But I won’t

Yeah, it’s probably why I’m twice divorced and you’re still married

Now, while this may seem like a normal silly conversation, to me a struck a nerve. The lady was lovely and while I’m sure she meant well, it sadden me to hear her joke. It made me sad to think that there very well could be people who think this way. People who think marriage is a do what you want and your spouse should take it or leave it kind of thing. I know she might have even been joking or exaggerating too but man, to me, I would so rather stay married and committed then to have a Target credit card. It was a no brainer and I feel proud of that.

Tomorrow I’m celebrating my wedding anniversary. Seven years. That seems like a lot, especially considering what divorce rates are today. I’m really proud of our marriage and the life we’ve built. It’s not always easy. No, in fact, usually it’s pretty hard. Not because of one of us in particular but more because loving people unconditionally is hard. It’s hard work but it’s good work…work I’m most proud of.

We didn’t make it to seven years of marriage by accident either, no, we make it by intentionality. Every day we choose to love each other and to put the other persons needs above our own. Not because we have such a great relationship or because we are just so “in love”. No, because we made a commitment to each other and we want to honor that commit even when it’s hard or when we fight or disagree. All of which happens regularly. But as the years have gone I’ve realized that God has given me a good husband. No, x that, God has given me a great husband. One who is committed to me and to our family and that is something that is worth fighting for.

So to my sweet husband of seven years, thank you for loving me even when I’m hard to love. You make me better ❤️


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