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To my beloved daughters,

I’m so grateful to have you two in my life. You have both saved me in so many ways. Everyday I try to be the best mom I can be to you. I know I fail. A lot. But I’m trying and I will continue to try each day because you two are so incredibly important to me. As you get older things will get more complicated. No matter how much I want to protect you from all the bad in the world at some point you’ll be exposed to the junk. In those times you may feel overwhelmed and lost. In those moment, my deepest desire is that you will turn to me or your dad. But if that’s not the case I hope you can use this letter as a reminder of just how loved and important you are.

– God is real! He died for you to live in his love and freedom. Follow him. Put all your trust in him. Accept his unfailing love.

– Your dad and I love you so much! We may not show it all the time, you may not feel it all the time, but you are both so loved. We will always support and encourage you and we want the absolute best for you. We are available to you whenever you need us. You can feel safe with us.

– If you ever feel disconnected from us but need to talk or advice or help, turn to the people who have invested in you. Your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, your pastors, our friends that are like family. These people have watched you grow up and they can be trusted. They are a much better option than your peers.

– Chances are high that you will experience some drama in your years, especially your teenage years. It will seem important. It will be overwhelming. It may even seem like your life is over. But I promise you, none of it will matter when you are an adult. So take a deep breath and remember this will pass.

– Love is a real and beautiful thing. I do think you can experience love when you are young but you need to take caution to that. Chances are high you will not marry the first guy you fall in love with and braking up when you’re so invested is hard. Not to mention, when you are in love you tend to give away the most intimate parts of yourself (and I don’t just mean sex) and there’s no getting those parts back. God has the perfect husband out there for you, I know because I’ve been praying for him since you were born. He’s going to love everything about you, he’s going to treat you with respect, he’s going to like your parents (non negotiable), he’s going to cherish and honor you and so much more and a guy like that is worth wait for!

– Work hard and stay humble! The both of you are incredibly smart and gifted. I have no doubt you will both go on to do incredible things but always remember to stay humble. God honors those who are humble and pride is a ugly thing.

– Be kind! There will be so many times in your life that people will fail you, even people you love. In those times you will have a choice to make, you can be kind, forgive and let go or be nasty and hold a grudge. Believe me, nothing good comes from grudges. It’s actually more toxic to you then to the person you’re mad at. Resentment, hate, sadness, anger, all these things will fester in your heart and will affect all your relationships moving forward. It’s not worth it. Forgive quickly! Be kind! Love people!

– Your dad and I think you’re both beautiful. I wish every time you looked in the mirror you saw what we see but I know there may come a time when that’s not the case. For that I am so sorry! But let me be clear, our worlds definition of beauty is unachievable! Most of it is photoshop, a program I do want you to learn but for much different reasons. I urge you not to base your beauty on what you see on the internet, in schools, in magazines, etc. God made you just the way you are and he doesn’t make mistakes. What’s in your heart is so much more valuable than your appearance anyways.

– You are strong! Don’t let people take advantage of you. Stand up for what’s right. Be respectful but direct. Your voice is important. Your voice is powerful. But also remember, words are powerful. They can speak life and death. Speak truth.

– Never stop learning. Learn as much as you can, about as many topics as you can. Be informed. Read, read, read! You’d be surprised at what your mind is capable of retaining. Be careful though because information is so readily accessible and there are lots of unreliable sources out there (stay off of Web MD, trust me).

Okay, I think this is all for now. I know I’ll have so much more to say and so much more to teach you as you grow and get older. Like you, I’m also a work in progress. I’m still learning. But I promise that as I learn and grow I will do everything I can to teach you. But know that sometimes I might be wrong and sometimes we might have different opinions on stuff and that’s okay! But don’t shut me out, instead let’s talk about it. Because just like I said above, your voices and opinions are important to your dad and I. We respect you and love you. Today, always, and forever


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