I’m not a huge reader. I wish I read more but it’s not usually my go to activity. But every so often I’ll read a book that deeply impacts the way I think and/or feel. Last year I read an incredible book called Redeeming Love. Beautiful love story that I highly recommend. There is a quote in this book that has stirred in my heart from the moment I read it. I felt such strong emotions that I literally cried after reading it. I wasn’t sure exactly why but I just knew something about it was powerful. I think I figured out why today. Here is the quote:

“I want to be free Michael, just for once in my whole life I want to be free”

“You are free. You just don’t know it yet”

Now to give you a little context, this book is a nonfiction story based on the biblical book of Hosea. I won’t ruin it for you but for better understand let me explain a little. The two main characters are representations. Michael represents Jesus and Angel represents me (you). So in this quote the 1st part would be me talking to Jesus and the 2nd part would be Jesus responding.

The day I read this I remember being filled with warmth. I immediately started to cry. I felt like Jesus was literally whispering this to me. You see, everyday I struggle in so many areas. So many different areas of my life can sometimes feel like they have complete control over me. Things that I feel prisoner to, things I don’t feel free from. Each passing day I’m constantly fighting to combat these holds on my life. Fighting so I can feel free and liberated. Well today when I was really struggling, I remembered this quote and something clicked. Why am I fighting to be free when I am already free? Why continue to fight when Jesus already fought and won. Instead of fighting to be free why don’t I just accept and live in the freedom that’s available to me?

I imagine I can’t be alone in this. If we were all honest with ourselves it would be clear that sometimes our thoughts and ideas are so clouded, by what’s happening in our world, that we forget to live in the freedom. We see magazines, celebrities, and models and accept that as beauty. We see our past failures and allow them to define who we are today. We compare ourselves to others and allow the feeling of inadequacy to overshadow the good in our lives. We allow possessions to give us value. We do all this for what? To live as prisoners to ourselves? Not anymore! People, when Jesus gave his life for you he also gave you the precious gift of freedom. We don’t have to allow these things to control us anymore because we are free, even if we don’t know it yet. So I challenge you today, live in the freedom. Don’t live your life controlled by people, situations, material things, emotions etc. Live committed to the one who gave his life for you. Live in him because with him you can be free.


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